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Approved Eyewear List

BALTIMORE — In 2005, US Lacrosse amended the rules of women's lacrosse to mandate protective eyewear usage. The purpose of the rule is to acknowledge that while women's lacrosse is a comparatively safe sport, the use of protective eyewear prevents the rare but catastrophic eye injury at every level of play.

The USL decision was determined after considering a comprehensive review of the available medical literature, exhaustive discussions and information-gathering, strong recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Ophthalmology and, ultimately, a recommendation given by the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee.

The most current standard, ASTM F803-03, states that protective eyewear should withstand forces generated by a ball traveling 45 miles per hour for youth play and 60 miles per hour for adult play (high school and older). In order to assure compliance with this standard and be considered legal for women's lacrosse play, eyewear must meet the current ASTM specification standard AND US Lacrosse must receive independent confirmation from a third party testing facility which is recommended by the Protective Eyewear Certification Council (PECC) and meets the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) standards.

US Lacrosse established a process for eyewear manufacturers to have products listed on the US Lacrosse web site by submitting a letter and verification from an accredited, independent testing facility acknowledging compliance to ASTM F803-03. Additionally, US Lacrosse's Women's Game Coaches Committe and Officials will utilize this list as confirmation that products have passed the F803-03 standard.

Manufacturers whose products are in compliance with the ASTM F803-03 standards and who have submitted testing results to US Lacrosse are listed below. Products are listed alphabetically by manufacturer name.

Note: Some players that wear glasses have been wearing protective eyewear over their glasses. There is currently nothing in the rules to prevent this. However, some of the protective eyewear products are not designed to be worn over glasses and players should be aware of the potential dangers of using equipment in a manner that it was not intended.

Any eyewear that has met the Adult Standard also meets the Youth Standard.

List Updated: Oct. 5, 2015


  • Concept - Small, Medium, Large (adult and youth standard)
  • Lux (adult and youth standard)
  • Seeker (adult and youth standard)
  • Vantage Goggle (adult and youth standard - sizes: XS/SM and MD/LG)
  • Vantage SS (youth and adult standard)
  • Vantage II Goggle (adult and youth)


  • Cascade Iris (adult and youth standard)
  • Cascade Iris Mini (adult and youth standard)
  • Iris Pro (adult and youth standard)
  • Mini Pro (adult and youth standard)
  • Poly Air (PA) (adult and youth standard)
  • Poly Arc (youth and adult)
  • Poly Arc Titanium (youth and adult)
  • Poly Pro (adult and youth standard)


  • Lucent Goggle (adult and youth standard)
  • Lucent SI (adult and youth standard)
  • Perception Goggle (adult and youth standard)
  • Vista Goggle (adult and youth standard)

Halo Sports and Safety, Inc. (Bangerz)

  • HS Elite (adult and youth standard)
  • HS OTG (over the glasses) (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 1000 (youth standard)
  • HS 3000 (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 3700 (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 3700 LITE (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 5500 (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 6000 (youth standard)
  • HS 6500 (youth standard)
  • HS 7200 (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 7200 Lite (adult and youth standard)
  • HS 7900 (adult and youth standard)

Harrow Sports

  • Duo (adult and youth standard)
  • XVision (adult and youth standard)


  • Zoom (adult and youth)

Impactz Eyewear, Inc. (Creedos)

  • EKTO-1 Type II Protector (youth and adult standard)

Leader (Sportlux Enterprise Co., Inc.)

  • Cover Point II/Optic Pro SLOP (adult and youth standard)

Liberty Sports

  • SLAM 49 EYE (adult and youth standard)
  • SLAM 52 EYE
  • SLAM XL 55 EYE


  • Shamrock Lacrosse Argus (adult and youth standard)
  • Shamrock Lacrosse Pro 1 (adult and youth standard)


  • 4-Sight Form Titanium (youth & adult)
  • 4-Sight Focus (adult)
  • 4-Sight Plus Jr. Steel Wire (youth and adult)
  • 4-Sight Pro Steel (adult)
  • 4-Sight Pro Titanium (adult)
  • 4-Sight Steel Wire (youth and adult)
  • 4-Sight Plus Titanium Wire (youth and adult)
  • 4-Sight Ti - Medium, Large (adult and youth standard)
  • 4-Sight LAX Goggle - Medium, Large (adult and youth standard)
  • 4-Sight View (adult)
  • 2-See Goggle - Medium, Large (adult and youth standard)
  • Horizon Lens Goggle (youth and adult)
  • Rookie (youth and adult)

Under Armour

  • Illusion Goggle #
  • Illusion 2 Goggle
  • Charge Goggle #
  • Charge 2 Goggle
  • Charge 2 Ti Goggle
  • # These two UA eyemasks meet the most current standards set by ASTM, but have been discontinued by the manufacturer. They remain legal for play but are no longer being manufactured.

Warrior Lacrosse, Inc.

  • Warrior Theia Wire Mask (adult and youth standard)
  • Warrior Theia Goggle (youth standard)
  • Warrior Theia 2.0 Wires Mask Model T2WM (adult and youth standard)

US Lacrosse, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse.