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Quarter 2 2013 - Kentucky

The Kentucky Chapter of US Lacrosse, more commonly identified as the Kentucky Lacrosse Association (KLA), is being recognized through the Chapter Recognition Program this quarter. The Kentucky Chapter currently serves over 3,800 members distributed across the entire state. The chapter board comprised of 18 volunteers is steered by Chapter President, Ann Fleming.

A key objective of the chapter has been to support and/or host education opportunities for both coaches and officials. For the past four years, the chapter has hosted Coaching Education Program (CEP) clinics in their area. This past November, they hosted both a Level 1 and Level 2 CEP clinic, which provided training for 80 coaches, both new and experienced. They have supported the local officials groups through grants and scholarships in order to recruit new officials and reduce the training costs for existing officials.

The Kentucky Chapter has also done a superior job in servicing their local programs and players. In 2012, the chapter awarded 20 grants totaling close to $22,000. The majority of the grants were awarded to start up programs to help cover equipment costs. They have already awarded 7 grants in 2013, totaling $7,500. In addition, the KLA hosted the high school boy’s state championships this past May and an end-of-the-season tournament for the boys and girls youth programs.

On top of each of these honorable initiatives, the chapter has gone above and beyond to meet the expectations of US Lacrosse. The KLA was the first chapter to complete this year’s certification process and hosted four constituent support budget meetings across the state in order to build their 2014 budget. US Lacrosse has also selected the chapter to pilot the “Compete with Class-Honor the Game” initiative and awarded the chapter with a Sportsmanship Matching Grant, so that they can educate their leaders, coaches, parents and athletes through Positive Coaching Alliance workshops. Please join US Lacrosse in congratulating the Kentucky Chapter on this award and on behalf of US Lacrosse and the Kentucky Chapter members, we thank you for all that you do.

For more information about the Kentucky Chapter of US Lacrosse, please visit or contact Ann Fleming.