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Boys' High School Awards

The US Lacrosse All-American Awards/Recognition process is maintained by the US Lacrosse Men’s Game Coaches Subcommittee. 

2016 All-America and All-Academic Nomination Process & Timeline

March 1 - Contact and Allotment Form and Head Coaches Roster submitted to USL.
March 15 - US Lacrosse distributes certificates and templates.
May 1 - Awards nominations due to Area Chairs.
June 1 - Awards results submitted to US Lacrosse from Area Chairs.
July 1 – US Lacrosse makes national announcement of awards.

Note: Areas may announce their awards locally once they have received confirmation from US Lacrosse that submissions were accepted. This permits recognitions on a local level to coincide with end-of-the-season banquets or varying school calendars across the country.

2015 High School Awards

This year, US Lacrosse has released the list of All-Americans in one announcement. Updates to these listings will be added as additional selections are received from areas that have not yet reported.

Archive of All-America Teams

Archive of Academic All-America Teams