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USL Position on Eyewear

Position Statement on Eye Protection in Women's Lacrosse

(Adopted: May, 2003)

After a substantial information-gathering process and a comprehensive review of the available literature, the US Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee recommends the following as of May 21, 2003 with respect to the use of protective eyewear in women’s lacrosse to minimize the risk of catastrophic eye injury:

  1. Adoption of eyewear protection meeting current ASTM lacrosse standards for mandatory use at the youth, scholastic and collegiate levels in the 2004 season, subject to product availability;
  2. Highly suggested use of eyewear protection meeting current ASTM lacrosse standards at the post collegiate level;
  3. The encouragement of continued development of more efficacious protective eyewear; and
  4. Continued research, discussion, and continual reassessment of the most effective educational, administrative, and equipment interventions to decrease the risk of head/face/eye injuries in lacrosse.