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Starting a Chapter

What Do I Need to Know Before Starting a Chapter?

Chapters are extensions of the US Lacrosse national office. While US Lacrosse maintains a close, programmatic and strategic relationship with our chapters, each chapter is separate and distinct. Chapters function as their own corporation, serving local constituents, electing board members and managing affairs as deemed appropriate under the chapter by-laws.

New Chapter Application

When starting a chapter, there are prerequisites that need to be in place before consideration for provisional status can begin. A crucial aspect of these initial steps is the articulation of reasons that your steering committee has for wanting to start a new chapter. Open dialogue with the existing chapter in your area/region and with US Lacrosse is also important. A chapter’s primary responsibilities should be to:

  • Offer the national level programs, services & benefits to all constituents in your local community as far as the chapter boundaries reach.
  • Operate its own programs, services and events in accordance with the US Lacrosse mission and Chapter Agreement.
  • Remain fully compliant with US Lacrosse.
  • Utilize and abide by the Chapters Operation Manual.
  • The chapter should be seen as the educational, hierarchical, unbiased support system for any and all leagues within the chapter boundaries. This especially pertains to chapters that co-exist as a league.

US Lacrosse will consider all member requests to start a new chapter. However, a formal invitation from US Lacrosse with the provisional chapter application and guidelines will only be given after an initial correspondence identifies the true reasons why a steering committee wants to create and maintain a new chapter as well as their understanding of the purpose of a chapter and then fulfillment of the US Lacrosse mission and strategic plan.

What is the Purpose of a US Lacrosse Chapter?

Along with the implementation of national US Lacrosse programs to local constituents, chapters should be able to:

  • Maintain an up-to-date USL branded chapter website.
  • Select board members that make themselves available on a regular basis to chapter members for questions and inquiries.
  • Support, follow and believe in the US Lacrosse mission
  • Promote membership.
  • File compliance documents annually to national
  • File a Form 990 or the e-Postcard/990-N with the IRS on time according to their filing requirements every year.

Programs, Services & Support Systems Available to Chapters:

Sport Development
Coaching Education Program Clinics & Online Workshops
Officials Training
Fast Break Initiative
Physical Education Curriculum
New Start Program
Positive Coaching Alliance Workshops

Chapter Investment Fund
Chapter Network System

Men’s and Women’s National Teams
Men’s and Women’s National Team Player Clinics
Men’s National Team Exhibition Games
Men’s and Women’s Champions Challenge
Women’s Stars & Stripes Event

Special Events
Women’s National Tournament
All-American Showcase
Women’s Division Intercollegiate Championships
US Lacrosse U-15 National Championship
US Lacrosse Annual National Convention & Vendor Exhibition
National Hall of Fame Induction Celebration