The US Lacrosse Sanctioning Program provides best practices for tournament operators in order to create a more safe and consistent event. Through the adoption of the Sanctioned Tournament Standards, tournaments commit to providing the best possible lacrosse experience.

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Sanctioned Tournaments have taken the steps to ensure a safe, consistent, and competitive environment for you!

Corrigan Sports Enterprises

Cedar Point Lax Classic

Lax by the Bay Classic

Baggataway Weeklong Extravaganza

Raleigh LaxFest

Palmetto Lax Classic

Michigan Youth Lacrosse Champiohships

STX Minnesota Shootout

Warren County Summer Splash

Texas Lax Festival

Cherry Bomb Lacrosse Tournament

Roller Coaster Rumble

Wizards of Lacrosse

Girls with Goals Lax Tournament

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Coming Soon

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Sanctioning helps guarantee that the event that has been organized with the participants in mind. Know what to expect from the event - everything from the rules and officials to the locations of athletic trainers and your next game.

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The Sanctioned Tournament Standards serve as a framework of best practices that cover five areas of an event: venue, game format, risk management, event administration, and certified officials.

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