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New Equipment Fitting Guide for Parents and Players

November 26, 2013    11609 Views

Emily Gibson | @egibson32

Equipment Fitting Guide

As someone who has been involved as a women's player, coach and official for the past 15 years, I still annually review the latest approved eyewear and legal stick lists whether I'm buying new equipment, staying up-to-date for my players or knowing the rules as an official. This process can be a tall task.

First-time lacrosse parents can face an even larger learning curve in determining how to properly equip their children for play, especially those that have never played or seen a live game.

US Lacrosse is helping to take the legwork out of this process with a new Equipment Fitting Guide that helps provide first-time buyers, parents and players with suggested guidelines in purchasing equipment for boys' and girls' field players and goalies. It includes a photo of a player wearing equipment and description for each position in both games.

The new fitting guides have been shipped to more than 200 lacrosse specialty stores nationwide with the idea that these stores will offer the pamphlet to customers at point of sale locations and checkout stations. The pamphlets are being provided free-of-charge by US Lacrosse as a public service for new lacrosse consumers. Copies were sent to these stores, but the guide is also available online.

US Lacrosse has also made these boys' equipment fitting videos available to demonstrate how to put on and wear the boys' field player and goalie equipment.

Before you purchase new equipment, be sure to also read the manufacturers guidelines and requirements. These can usually be found on their website or included with the equipment.

Here are some links to more handy equipment resources:

Photo Credit: Scott McCall

Equipment Fitting Guide

Equipment Fitting Guide

Download our free Equipment Fitting Guide for first-time buyers, parents and players. Designed to help both the boys’ and girls’ youth player, the guide explains how lacrosse equipment should feel when properly worn.

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