Board of Directors

The development of US Lacrosse policy and priorities is determined by the leadership of volunteers from all over the country who contribute their time and expertise to US Lacrosse as members of the Board of Directors, one of the nine Board Committees, or on various sub-committees.

The US Lacrosse Board of Directors meets three times each year, in January, June and September. The Executive Committee meets with staff monthly to monitor the progress of the organization.

Name Position Location Term Exp.
Don Aiello Member Experience Committee Chair CA 7/31/2019
Melissa Anderson Athlete Experience Committee Chair CT 7/31/2019
Ahngelique Annule At-Large PA 7/31/2020
Chris Bartlett US Lacrosse Foundation Board Representative MD 7/31/2020
Ed Calkins Chair FL 7/31/2020
Kevin Corrigan IMLCA Representative IN 7/31/2019
Ted Dardani At-Large; Executive Committee Member CT 7/31/2019
John DeTommaso At-Large NY 7/31/2019
Kristen Garlinghouse At-Large; Executive Committee Member CA 7/31/2020
George Graffy Board Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair TX 7/31/2019
Kyle Harrison High Performance Committee Vice Chair PA 7/31/2020
Katie Hearn Board Secretary MD 7/31/2019
Scott Hugdahl Athlete Experience Committee Vice Chair MN 7/31/2019
Marc Luckett Sport Growth Committee Chair CO 7/31/2019
Beth Lyman Incoming Chair MN 7/31/2020
Kristen Murray Past Chair IL 7/31/2020
Anne Phillips High Performance Committee Chair NY 7/31/2020
Liz Robertshaw IWLCA Representative MA 7/31/2020
Chazz Woodson At-Large FL 7/31/2019
Larry Quinn Counsel MD 7/31/2020
Tom Whiteford Counsel MD 7/31/2020

Executive Committee

Name Position Location
Ed Calkins (Chair) Chair FL
Beth Lyman Vice Chair MN
Kristen Murray Past Chair IL
George Graffy Treasurer TX
Katie Hearn Secretary MD
Kristen Garlinghouse At-Large CA
Ted Dardani At-Large NY
Larry Quinn Counsel MD
Tom Whiteford Counsel MD
Steve Stenersen Staff Leader MD

Ethics Advisory Subcommittee

Name Location
Adam Baker MD
Chris Brescia (Chair) MO
Jim Shaler FL
Joe Tweed NJ
Kelly Jones-Swenson OH
Steve Stenersen (Staff Leader) MD


Finance Committee

Name Location
Cara Morris (Staff Leader) MD
George Graffy (Chair) TX
Jim Kanuch VA
Joe Mannes TX
Marilyn Clark OH
Mark Otto PA
Tom Palmer VA

Audit Subcommittee

Name Location
Chris Pentin VA
Jim Kanuch (Chair) VA
Robert Javerbaum (Staff Leader) MD

Investment Subcommittee

Name Location
Cara Morris (Staff Leader) MD
Joe Dowling CT
Marilyn Clark (Chair) OH

Insurance/Risk Management Subcommittee

Name Location
Bob Mongeluzzi PA
Bruce Griffin (Staff Leader) MD
Brad Robinson IN
Joe Mannes TX
Mark Otto (Chair) PA

Sponsorship Subcommittee

Name Location
Bonnie Stein MD
John Gagliardi NY
Kate Bernal (Staff Leader) MD
Scott Seymour CT
Tom Palmer (Chair) VA


High Performance Committee

Name Location
Ricky Fried MD
Kyle Harrison MD
Skip Lichtfuss (Staff Leader) MD
Darren Lowe FL
Anne Phillips NY
Jess Wilk VA


Sports Science & Safety Committee

Name Location
Bruce Griffin (Staff Leader) MD
David Klossner MD
Eugene Hong PA
Karen Sutton CT
Margot Putukian NJ
Mark Link TX
Paige Perriello VA
Richard Ginsburg MA
Richard Hinton MD
Ruben Echemendia PA
Shane Caswell VA

Organizational Liaisons

Name Location
Andy Lincoln MD
Bob Colgate IN
John Parsons IN
Mark Otto PA
Nina Walker NC

Research Subcommittee

Name Location
Eugene Hong PA
Karen Sutton CT
Mark Link TX
Shane Caswell VA

Player Development & National Team Subcommittee

Name Location
Jackie Berning CO
Richard Ginsburg MA
Richard Hinton MD
Skip Lichtfuss MD

Injury Surveillance & Prevention Subcommittee

Name Location
David Klossner MD
Jim Williams DC
Paige Perriello VA
Ruben Echemendia PA

Athlete Experience Committee

Name Location
Alicia Groveston MI
Ann Carpenetti (Staff Leader) MD
Aubrey Whittier DC
Dave Seidman PA
David Malmquist CO
John Bazzanella TN
Melissa Anderson (Chair) CT
Scott Hugdahl (Chair) MN

Women's Rules Subcommittee

Name Location
Karen Blain PA
Mac Ford MD
Jeff Grose WA
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) MD
Barb Martinichio NY
Lauren Nowak MI
Elaine Stowell CA
Aubrey Whittier DC

Men's Rules Subcommittee

Name Location
David Glass PA
Rick Lake (Staff Leader) MD
Tom Marechek MD
Walt Munze NY
David Seidman PA
Blake Wahrlich MT

Coach Development and Recruitment Subcommittee

Name Location
Luke Abeling NM
Katie Chrest Erbe IN
Alicia Groveston MI
Corey Holiday NE
Mary Hopkins FL
Kevin Greene (Staff Leader) MD
Matt McGinniss MD

Official Development and Recruitment Subcommittee

Name Location
Charlie Obermayer (Staff Leader) MD
Dave Malmquist (Vice Chair) CO
Jody Ticer FL
John Bazzanella (Chair) TN
Mike Infantino CT
Sue Perkins ME
Susan Ford MI

Recognition & Culture Subcommittee

Name Location
Feffie Barnhill DE
Chip Flanagan TX
Kathy Jenkins VA
Caitlin Kelley (Staff Leader) MD
Rick Lake (Staff Leader) MD


Member Experience Committee

Name Location
Don Aiello (Chair) CA
Steve Kirr (Staff Leader) MD
George Leveille NY
Jim Old VA
Kate Roper WA
Theresa Sherry CA
Mike Stears CO

Lacrosse Organization Subcommittee

Name Location
Ryan Baker CA
Mark Bodo TN
Ryan Boyle NY
Eric Geringswald NY
Christine Haberman NH
Andi O'Connor (Staff Leader) MD
Ross Waetzman PA
Dave Wollin WI

Chapter Effectiveness Subcommittee

Name Location
Dave Cerny OH
Joe Helzep ME
Steve Kirr (Staff Leader) MD
Allan McLiverty NY
Jeff Proznik TX
Phil Schneider CT
Leslie Sherman IN


Sport Growth Committee

Name Location
Andrew Lee CT
Chris Rotelli CA
Josh Christian (Staff Leader) MD
Katie Hearn MD
Marc Luckett (Chair) CO
Susie Chase MD
Zach Matthews TX
John Jiloty NY

Diversity & Inclusion Subcommittee

Name Location
Jeremy Ardrey NC
Katie Hearn (Chair) MD
Christianne Malone MI
Jen Nardi NY
Kevin Pearson CO
Eboni Preston-Laurent (Staff Leader) MD

Grant Subcommittee

Name Location
Brian Carcaterra NY
Jamie Hunt (Staff Leader) MD

Marketing Subcommittee

Name Location
Andy Hayes PA
John Jiloty NY
Arielle Insel (Staff Leader) MD
Beth Lyman MN



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