The US Lacrosse Internship Program provides a 10-week, paid work and learning opportunity with an incredible organization while experiencing the USL Way:




Our Program

The program consists of 5 Key Focus Areas:

The “My Why Series”
Interns will meet with our Executive Team, who will share their stories along with what has motivated them throughout their career

Community Service Projects
Interns will have an opportunity to give back to a few of our local partners through service

Lunch and Learn Series
Guest Speakers will lead discussions on various topics which are specifically focused on the needs of the intern group.

Book Discussions
Interns will participate in round table discussions to stimulate thought and gain perspective surrounding a short read that the group will complete together.

Special Events
Throughout the year, USL hosts a variety of special events. While here, interns will take part in these events by working with our Staff by providing direction and support to our US Lacrosse guests, coaches and players.  





US Lacrosse offers a total of four (4) summer internships, one in each of the following Business Units:

Finance & Administration - Finance, HR, IT & Facilities
Lacrosse Operations - Education & Training, Games Administration, National Teams, Sport Science & Safety
Foundation & Membership - US Lacrosse Foundation & Member Experience
Marketing & Communication - Partnerships, Communications, Regional Development & Special Events

Take a look at what some of our previous interns have shared about US Lacrosse...

"Lucky me. US Lacrosse was a place full of powerful role models who believe in what they do. I can't wait to bring all the knowledge back to Japan."
Naoko Akutsu, Executive Intern

"The other interns really changed my way of thinking about coworkers. They don’t have to be someone you come to work and tolerate, but someone you actually enjoy spending time with. Those Interns I worked with this summer, they were that for me."
Sophie Seaman, Education & Training Intern

"The culture at US Lacrosse is amazing! It’s been a great experience. People here are very welcoming and friendly."
Advait Vaidya, Membership & Communications: Data Analytics


Summer Internships are posted between February 1 - March 1 of each year.
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