Conflict of Interest Policy for Volunteers and Staff

The Board of Directors of the US Lacrosse has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy setting forth certain standards of conduct expected of those involved with US Lacrosse. It requires all Officers, Directors, Committee and Subcommittee Members, and National Team Staff to disclose all interests that could result in a conflict with the interests of US Lacrosse to the Board of Directors or Executive Committee by completing a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and submitting it to the US Lacrosse Executive Director. Staff members shall disclose any possible Conflict of Interest for themselves or their families to their immediate supervisor at US Lacrosse. This policy relates specifically to Chapter 19, Conflict of Interest and Ethical Practices, of the US Lacrosse Bylaws.

When any such Conflict of Interest is relevant to a matter requiring action by the Board of Directors or Executive Committee, the interested person shall call it to the attention of the Board of Directors or Executive Committee. If a member of the Board or staff is uncertain as to whether or not a conflict exists, they should bring it to the attention of the Board Chair who, in consultation with Counsel, will make the determination. In the case of a Conflict of Interest involving a member of the US Lacrosse staff, that person should call it to the attention of their immediate supervisor at US Lacrosse. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that a Conflict of Interest was disclosed and that the interested person was not present during the final discussion or vote and did not vote.

A Conflict of Interest can be considered to exist in any instance where the actions or activities of an individual acting on behalf of US Lacrosse will result in a personal gain or advantage to the individual, or have an adverse effect on the interests of US Lacrosse. Conflicts of interest can also arise in other instances. Although it is impossible to list every circumstance giving rise to a possible Conflict of Interest, the following serves as a guide to the types of activities that might cause conflicts and that should be fully reported to US Lacrosse.

A. Outside Interests

  1. To hold, directly or indirectly, a position or financial interest in any outside concern from which the individual has reason to believe that US Lacrosse secures goods or services (including the services of buying or selling stocks, bonds, or other securities), or that provides services competitive to US Lacrosse.
  2. To compete, directly or indirectly, with US Lacrosse in the purchase or sale of property or property rights, interests or services.

B. Outside Activities

  1. To render directive, managerial, or consultative services to any outside concern that does business with, or competes with the services of US Lacrosse, or to render other services in competition with US Lacrosse.

C. Gifts, Gratuities and Entertainment

  1. To accept gifts, entertainment or other favors from any outside concern that does, or is seeking to do business with, or is a competitor of US Lacrosse.

D. Inside Information

  1. To disclose or use information relating to the business of US Lacrosse for the personal profit or advantage of the individual or his/her immediate family.

Full disclosure of any situation in doubt should be made so as to permit an impartial and objective determination. It should be particularly noted that disclosure relates not only to yourself but also to your immediate family.


Please sign the Disclosure Statement and Complete the Disclosure Questionnaire by clicking on the button above. Your submitted response will reach the Volunteer Manager at US Lacrosse.