Five Reasons to Attend the 2018 US Lacrosse West Regional Conference

Nov 09, 2018

The US Lacrosse Regional Conference is a professional development opportunity for coaches, officials, program administrators and other leaders in the lacrosse community. There will be three different program tracks offered for officials, coaches and leaders. Sessions topics will include team and athlete development, rules interpretation, game management and organizational leadership.

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You're Not Bigger Than the Game

Nov 05, 2018

“As the [official] you are neither inside the game, as the players are, nor outside it among the fans, but the game passes through you, like rainwater through a filter, and your job is to influence it for the better, to strain out the impurities, to make it cleaner, fairer, and more transparent without impeding it, corrupting it, changing its course, or making it taste funny.”

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Life Lessons on the Lacrosse Field

Oct 29, 2018

My parents taught me two important lessons about manners. First, always say “yes sir,” or “yes ma’am”, and second, always give a firm handshake.

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Giving Everything I Have to a Game I Love

Oct 22, 2018

From eight to twenty-two, I had trouble enjoying lacrosse. I had a blast with my teammates, and I rejoiced when we won games, but there was a darker side that I never liked. Then I found officiating, and a whole new world opened up!

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Six Rules Every Boys' Lacrosse Coach Should Know

May 08, 2018

Position your team for success by mastering tenants on equipment certification, restarts, bench decorum and more

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Ten Years, Ten Mentors and Ten Lessons

Apr 19, 2018

US Lacrosse men's officials development manager reflects on a decade-long officiating journey

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Video: Officiating Tips on Calling the Slash

Jul 11, 2017

The first video in a multi-part series about personal fouls. Learn how to recognize the three most common types of slashes, why you should throw your flag forward in transition, and why being in good position is the first step in making the correct call.

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How Officials Can Thrive in Summer Tournament Season

Jun 30, 2017

Summer lacrosse tournaments present several challenges to even the most level-headed official. The day starts and ends hot, and if you’re on turf fields you get bonus heat radiating off the black bits. Most officials will work anywhere from three to seven games in a single day, and some without a single break. Games might be the same age level or a different level every hour, requiring the official to perform mental gymnastics to keep the correct rules in mind and be able to manage coaches of varying experience levels.

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Officials: Get SMART About Goals

Mar 03, 2017

Don't just express a desire to get better at officiating. Get SMART about goals and realize tangible progress as you grow.

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Officials Webinar: We Can't Do This Alone

Feb 10, 2017

US Lacrosse is hosting a webinar for officials on Monday, Feb. 13 at 8:30 pm (Eastern) featuring NCAA Division I men's official PJ Calello.

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