Thankful for Change

Apr 03, 2014

Gratitude journals seem to be all the rage on Facebook. As I wrote this in late January, gearing up for my season as a college women’s lacrosse official, I began to think about what I’m grateful for: change.

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Consistency in Officiating: What Every Ref Needs to Know

Mar 04, 2014

Why are some calls made in some games and not others? What are some of the challenges of enforcing a new rule? Those questions aren’t unique to lacrosse, but that doesn’t mean we can’t address them.

As officials, consistency is one of the traits we should strive for, in part because it’s something coaches and players need. You can understand their frustration when a given check not whistled during the majority of a game is whistled for the first time in the last three minutes.

Some thoughts on consistency in our craft:

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Keeping Officials in the Game: Our Collective Responsibility

Feb 18, 2014

Everyone in our sport plays a role in making sure we have the right people in stripes come game day. Most lacrosse organizations recruit new officials annually. They do their best to find fit people with flexible work schedules who may already officiate another sport.

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Tips for Productive Coach/Official Communication

Jan 22, 2014

What do sports officials have in common with hostage negotiators, peace treaty brokers and marriage counselors? They must be master communicators.

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Not All Fouls Are Created Equal: How Officials Set Priorities

Dec 04, 2013

The nature of officiating is to react to a play and call it accordingly. Keeping the game safe is the first priority.

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The Darker Side of Goal Setting

Dec 01, 2013

Why it’s important to envision the challenges and obstacles, not just the desired result

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Teach to Learn

Nov 01, 2013

Frank Oppenheimer was a world-renowned physicist and University of Colorado professor, who as a result of McCarthyism, was blackballed from teaching in the 1950s before settling at a Colorado high school in 1957.

Imaging knowing a subject that intricately and trying to teach it to a high school kid. It’s the difference between knowledge and understanding. Being able to interpret a subject you’ve mastered for a new learner gives a unique perspective.

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Know Your Limits

Sep 01, 2013

Games suffer when officials overload on assignments. Go for quality over quantity.

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Flush ‘Em and Move On

May 01, 2013

Don’t carry mistakes like luggage. Use them as a source of growth.

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The Online Course: What We’re Hearing

Apr 01, 2013

How to take advantage of US Lacrosse’s newest tool for officials

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