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We are looking to sign up for a lacrosse program in our community. What are our first steps?

When looking to join a local lacrosse program, one’s first step should be to become a member of US Lacrosse. Once joined, US Lacrosse members have access to resources from chapters around the country. US Lacrosse is represented by 68 local chapters covering 45 states. It is within these local chapters that parents and players can find local programs, teams and additional resources needed to sign up for lacrosse.

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Why does my child need a US Lacrosse membership to play in our community program?

Community lacrosse programs across the country have decided to select US Lacrosse as their training and insurance program for their players and coaches. A US Lacrosse membership offers a secondary level of insurance for lacrosse related activities, includes a subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine, and offers a variety of discounts on game tickets, gear, camps and more. Also, all lacrosse programs that partner with US Lacrosse receive an additional layer of liability insurance.

How can I become a US Lacrosse-certified coach?

With the amazing growth of lacrosse around the country, the need for knowledgeable, experienced coaches is greater than ever before. US Lacrosse is committed to providing opportunities to develop these important leaders, through online offerings, clinics and comprehensive certification.

The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program provides you with all the tools you need to be a successful coach by offering opportunities for certified coaches to gain knowledge and credit for ongoing learning about lacrosse and coaching.

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