Matt Hogan, founder of Hogan’s Lacrosse and director of the Annapolis (Md.) Hawks club program, presented on “Offensive Drills” at the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention. You can watch six videos from the LaxCon session at or on YouTube.

An edited transcription from the first video in the series, titled “Shooting Over the Goal,” follows below.


The greatest weakness we see with players, and probably the thing that’s going to help you get better quickest, is to become better shooters.

Shooting is not a natural thing for a lot of guys, some guys it is, but we work a ton on shooting.

We call this drill “Shooting Over the Goal.” We have two lines. One guy is going to throw, and the other guy is going to catch and shoot. After you throw, you shoot.

Never do this drill without a helmet on. You’ll see some of them hit the first goal and come right back at them.

What we’re emphasizing here is getting our hands high and back. And, you have to shoot overhand. We’re trying to shoot over the first goal into the second goal.

It’ll take you a while for them to get good at it. I had breakfast this morning with a coach from Chicago and he said, “My best player will not shoot overhand.” I said, “Then don’t let him ever shoot without a goal in front of him."

How do you do this with younger guys? There’s DYG, Discover Your Game, they have a throttle that allows you to lower or raise a bar depending upon the height of your guys, if you have kids that can’t shoot over the height of a 6-foot goal.

When I’m done shooting, I should have the butt end of the stick in my ribcage. That’s a self-check. When I shoot, I want to follow through. Naturally, that’s going to lift my back leg up like a pitcher. If I shoot the right way, it’s going to bring me back into the line. When you see a kid always falling off the wrong way, he’s probably not shooting hard enough.

I very rarely allow my players to change lines, because they run into each other. So we try to take a little bit more control and we change the lines for them.

When I coach the high school team, we have 35 players. We put two goals in front of the goal and the crease at an angle. Now, we have four lines. What we do to improve our shooting at the high school level is, before we stretch or do anything else, we have this drill set up and we start with shooting.

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