Just because your normal lacrosse competition isn’t what you’re used to, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep improving your game and have fun while you’re doing it. That’s why we created the Pickup Lacrosse game-builder.

You just need any open space you can find — your backyard, an old tennis court (watch out for posts), a basketball court, an alley, a space in a park, a cul-de-sac...you name it just make sure you’re not going to harm anyone’s property or yourselves while playing. Speaking of which, you should use a tennis ball, pinkie ball or something squishy you have around the house for pickup ball.

The Pickup Lacrosse game-builder guide is meant to be a resource to inspire families and spark imaginative ways to play lacrosse safely during a time when COVID-19 has disrupted much formal lacrosse participation, though we hope that informal pickup lacrosse with family and friends continues long after traditional participation resumes.

Gather your people — mostly your family, but as municipalities open up a few friends may be acceptable too — determine your play using the game-builder, then use any of the power-up cards to add some new layers of fun to your game. These are especially useful if you have a variety of ages and skills in your game.

We're pretty sure if you spend a summer playing pick-up ball, 2 v 2 with neighbors (if safe and allowable), or dodging your little brother or sister, you’re still going to improve your game.

A prominent member of the elite lacrosse coaching community shared with US Lacrosse staffers the other day that he kept stats of his daughter’s touches during a club tournament and then kept the same stats while she played 3 v 3 with her friends and brothers. She had nearly triple the number of touches and opportunities playing small-sided pickup than she did at the tournament. She’s now a D1 commit.

So, enjoy the freedom of summer, be creative and have fun with some free play, a stick, a ball and few friends. We hope the Pickup Lacrosse game-builder can be helpful in the process.

The Pickup Lacrosse game-builder is not a formal game recommendation, nor is it a set of rules or guidelines for organized play. Participants play at their own risk and should consider safety first when choosing how and where to play. Just like when you ride your bike or play on a playground be sure to use good judgement and protect yourself appropriately.

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