The US Lacrosse Regional Conference is a professional development opportunity for coaches, officials, program administrators and other leaders in the lacrosse community. There will be three different program tracks offered for officials, coaches and leaders. Sessions topics will include team and athlete development, rules interpretation, game management and organizational leadership.

On the fence about coming to Vegas? Here are five reasons why YOU should register for the 2018 West Regional Conference!

  1. Feed Your Curiosity
    • What do you want to learn? Maybe you want to understand the fundamentals of goalkeeping, or you want advice on how to improve your organization. Perhaps you want to inspire your players to reach new heights, or you just want to learn the new rules for 2019. No matter what you are curious about, we have a buffet of topics for you to choose from!
  2. Get Motivated
    • Do you love lacrosse but discovered that all your work is feeling like work, and not a labor of love? Listen to speakers who will light a new fire under you! We have phenomenal presenters. They are passionate about lacrosse and even more passionate about helping you!
  3. Become a Leader
    • Did you find yourself in charge with no idea on what to do? We created specific leadership sessions that will fast-track your development, and boost your influence on and off the field!
  4. Grow the Game
    • Do you want to make a lasting impact on lacrosse? We know you have the desire to leave the game better than you found it, and we have the knowledge and the know-how to help you on your mission!
  5. Fun in the Sun
    • A lacrosse conference full of expert speakers, where you get to network with other enthusiastic people about the game, AND it’s hosted in Vegas? Fun is the rule, not the exception!

...and for the first time, you should talk about what happened in Vegas.

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