The funnel drill for boys and girls practices defensive positioning and forcing when playing a ball carrier from up top to direct ball carrier down the alley, or to the backline (GLE).

Skill Level: Advanced
Time Needed: 15 minutes
Theme: Defense
Field Location: Attack zone


  • Start a line of defensive players and a line of “dummy” offensive players outside the attack zone/restraining line.
  • On a coach’s whistle, the first ball carrier drives with her right hand toward the right side of the goal.
  • Girls: As the dodger makes her move, defender turns her hips and positions her feet so they point to the sideline to take away the middle of the field.
  • Boys: As the dodger makes his move, defender establishes contact with a top-hand hold by placing top hand on ball carrier’s lead shoulder and bottom hand on ball carrier’s lead hip, being sure to allow only your gloves (and not his stick) to make contact.
  • Continue to force the ball carrier down the alley to a low-percentage shot (girls: outside the 8-meter) at goal line extended.
  • If the dodger attempts to roll back, the defender maintains contact, stays topside and drives opponent down the alley into the slide.


Also run this drill from the wing. Defender must stay topside and funnel dodger behind GLE using top-hand hold to funnel dodger toward GLE. Work both sides of the goal and both hands.

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