US Lacrosse is pleased to partner with Swax Lax on a new video series highlighting some of the fundamentals of the sport. The four-part video series features three-time U.S. team world champion and current Women’s Professional Lacrosse League star Ally Carey.

The first video highlights the basic elements of passing and catching:

Some of the keys to coaching catching include instructing players to watch the ball into the stick and maintain proper stick position during the “give”, when you are receiving the ball into your stick.

The US Lacrosse Mobile Coach app, available free to US Lacrosse coach members, has games included in the drill library to help develop these skills, including “Scarecrow” Throwing,  Pop Toss and 360 Degree Catching.

For passing, it’s important to coach players to follow through and to release the ball when it’s on the shooting strings of your stick.

Some appropriate games from Mobile Coach for this skill are Pass it Down, 2-Ball Passing and Post Drill.