Few in lacrosse — men or women — are better at catching and shooting on the run than Kylie Ohlmiller. The U.S. attacker with the signature eye black is nearly automatic when in stride, and she shared with us her keys to each step in the process.​

1. Keep Your Feet Moving

Don’t cut to the cage. Cut to the passer and don’t stop to receive the ball. “Keep your feet moving through the catch,” Ohlmiller said.

2. Get Leverage

For a more powerful shot, Ohlmiller said, bring your hands off your body to use the catch as leverage into your windup. If a defender closes in on you, however, add an inside cradle. “Keep your stick protected and almost see your hands at your face, rather than hanging your stick behind you,” she said.

3. Shoulders and Hips Finish Toward the Cage

“When you shoot on the run ... your shoulders are aligned directly with the two pipes,” Ohlmiller said. “Use your front elbow as a tour guide to the corners.”

4. Follow Through

“What can help you find those corners a little bit better and generate the most power is if you can bring both your hands all the way across your body, so your hands aren’t crossing,” Ohlmiller said. “Your stick head is almost finishing down by the opposite ankle.”

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