Of all the skills Tom Schreiber has acquired playing box lacrosse — the Toronto Rock forward has fast made a name for himself as one of the best American players ever to suit up in the National Lacrosse League — the ability to play cross-handed might be the most useful.

It certainly came in handy in the final second of the 2018 world championship gold medal game, when Schreiber came off a Ned Crotty screen, reached across his body to corral a Rob Pannell inlet pass, brought his stick in front and deposited the game-winning goal to beat Canada.

Playing box also revealed to Schreiber the benefit of the dive. It’s not just that it looks cool. It moves people in more ways than that which inspires them to take to Twitter.

Obviously there are safety concerns and different sets of rules apply to the varying levels of the sport (players may not land in the crease at the youth and high school levels), but when done properly and legally, it can be an effective tool for offensive players.

Said Schreiber:

“The dive allows you to see how the goalie reacts to your movements. It gives you an extra second or so to see if they lunge in a certain way. At times, if you leave your feet, the goalie will move across, which opens up the near side.”

On this particular play during the U.S. Blue-White game at the Spring Premiere in San Antonio (pictured in the above below), Schreiber employed both devices — diving across the face of the goal to try to move goalie Kyle Bernlohr and shooting cross-handed to try to tuck the ball inside the near pipe.

Notice also that Schreiber’s eyes are not looking where he’s shooting, akin to the look-away skip feeds with which he occasionally surprises even his own teammates when the ball hits their stick. Deception might be Captain America’s most useful superpower.

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