Draw centers get all the accolades, as Maddie Jenner rightfully did in earning All-World honors for the gold medal-winning U.S. U19 women’s team last summer in Peterborough, Ontario.

But even Jenner needed a little help from her friends on the circle.

Her U19 teammate, Sophia DiCenso, a Foxboro, Mass., native that now plays at the University of Richmond, offered these 10 tips for midfielders who play the perimeter role.

1. Communicate with the center about where she hopes to place the ball.

2. Line up next to an opponent in the best position to box her out.

3. Start with your inside leg back.

4. Position your stick below your opponent’s stick. It’s easier to cut her off from the ball.

5. Choke up with your top hand so you are ready for the ground ball.

6. Slide your bottom hand to the butt end in case you have to reach for the ball in the air.

7. Stay laser-focused on the ball itself.

8. When the whistle blows, step with that inside leg across your opponent’s body.

9. Explode off the line with your first step.

10. Box out your opponent either to pursue the ball or allow the center to win it to herself.

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