Considered one of the fastest players in pro lacrosse, Brent Adams knows what it takes to make quick decisions — and those decisions are often the right ones.

“Some of our best guys in our league can operate in a phone booth,” Adams said when explaining the importance of being able to dodge and get your hands ready to shoot almost simultaneously.

When analyzing how to use a defender as a screen, Adams broke down his thought process and shared with us how you can also capitalize on these in-game situations.

1. Recognize the Opportunity

Realize when you’re in a position to shoot. “If it’s too much spacing, it wouldn’t be as deceptive of a shot,” Adams said.

2. Stay Out of Sight

When defenses break down, they tend to crowd the interior and occupy shooting lanes. Add to the confusion for the goalie by hiding your stick in your windup. “When there’s a defender there, it’s so much harder for that goalie to see the head of my stick,” Adams said.

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