US Lacrosse today announced the launch of its new LaxFit initiative, designed to enhance player safety and performance. Developed in consultation with medical experts at MedStar Health, LaxFit is a standardized and comprehensive exercise and strengthening program that will increase athlete performance, reduce high-risk lacrosse injuries, and promote healthy long-term athlete development.

The LaxFit exercises can be used by athletes of all ages and provide the greatest benefit when consistently performed prior to every lacrosse practice and game as part of a dynamic warm-up.

“This program is intended as a model for developing strong and resilient musculature among lacrosse athletes and for serving as a teaching tool for physical literacy,” said Dr. Bruce Griffin, director of the Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse.

While the full LaxFit program will eventually have five components, addressing different muscle groups and body areas for lacrosse athletes, the initial rollout features only Phase 1, focusing on lower extremities. This stage is an updated version of the LaxPrep exercise routine. 

LaxFit's Phase 1 initiative is a research-based warm-up and exercise program designed to decrease an athlete’s risk of a lower extremity injury. The program emphasizes core strength, balance, and proper landing techniques. The easy-to-execute content has been tailored for coaches, parents, and program leaders, as well as athletes.

“We had significant qualitative research to study the effectiveness of the lower extremity injury risk reduction program and made revisions to improve the program based on that research,” Griffin said. “Launching LaxFit with this revised program as Phase 1 was the right choice.”

The five full phases of LaxFit, noted below, will rollout over the next 18-24 months.

● Phase 1 – Lower Extremities
● Phase 2 – Hips, Lower Back & Spine
● Phase 3 – Shoulder Girdle
● Phase 4 – Head, Neck & Upper Back
● Phase 5 – Return to Play Protocol

An online tutorial course explains how to successfully implement all the elements of the LaxFit program, with demonstrations for all the exercises. Access to LaxFit’s online training course is free for US Lacrosse members, and available to non-members for $50. The first component, lower extremity injuries, is available now.

Access the training course at, search “LaxFit” in the Catalog, or find the course under the “1-Coaches” folder. A login is required. 

Some exercises in the LaxFit program require the use of a resistance band. These Versa-Loop mini bands can be purchased online for just $3.00. 


The full program will eventually have five components, addressing different muscle groups and body areas for lacrosse athletes.

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