Only a Game, a weekly NPR radio segment produced by WBUR (Boston), aired a segment on the headgear debate in women’s lacrosse on May 11.

Senior producer Karen Given looked at the history of headgear in women’s lacrosse — from the era when Massachusetts high school girls’ players were required to wear ice hockey helmets to the current mandate for headgear for Florida high school girls’ players.

Ann Kitt Carpenetti, vice president of lacrosse operations for US Lacrosse, is featured in the piece, describing the role US Lacrosse played in developing the current standard. Other longtime volunteers of the organization, Nancy Burke and Susan Ford, are also interviewed for the story.

Highlighted throughout the segment is the need for research to help make informed decisions, something US Lacrosse is actively doing through the Center for Sport Science.

Center for Sport Science

Created in 2016, the Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse serves as a national hub for the study and improvement of safety and performance in lacrosse.

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