The Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse encourages research that investigates issues within the broad discipline of sports medicine, and is devoted to education, collaboration, policy development, and best practice guidelines that benefit the safety and wellness of lacrosse players and organizations.

As part of its mission, US Lacrosse provides annual funding to help support original scientific investigations. Combined, the Center and US Lacrosse have granted over $1.5 million in health-related research funding since 1998. 

US Lacrosse publishes an annual Research Report that summarizes the latest findings from these investigations, with the ultimate desire of improving the health, safety, and performance of lacrosse players at all levels of play.

Published last month, the 2019 Research Report includes updates of studies about women’s headgear, mental health programs for youth athletes, and youth concussions, among others. 

“One of the missions of US Lacrosse and our Center for Sport Science is to grow the base of knowledge regarding safety best practices in our sport, and indeed, for all youth sports if possible,” said Dr. Bruce Griffin, director for the Center. “Hopefully, sharing these reports from the investigators provides the lacrosse community with a greater understanding of the research that could beneficially impact our sport in the future.” 

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The ability of the Center for Sport Science to fund new research and safety initiatives is driven by the generous support of our donors and members.

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