For this special “Gym Rats” edition, we caught up with two officials who are known for their fitness, TynaMarie Murphy (District, Arizona) and Lisa Clark (International, North Carolina).

Your favorite workout?

TMM: I have workout A.D.D. I never do the same workout twice. Cardio is always included, but I do total body circuits focusing on core. I like to use different toys, like the stability ball, medicine ball, Bosu, bands and even an agility ladder. I also attempt to play in the fall ball league once a week. Keeping up with the players on the field during a game definitely prepares me to run with them while officiating.

LC: I cross train by running, swimming, and biking. I weight lift (low weight, high reps) several times a week and attend yoga class for stretching.

How do you diet to maintain fitness or aid in recovery?

TMM: Protein and berries! More specifically, cottage cheese and strawberries. It’s a great pre- or postworkout snack. I eat every 2-3 hours and always travel with food. Protein helps rebuild muscles while keeping me fuller longer, and berries have lots of vitamins and antioxidants for energy.

LC: I enjoy oatmeal for breakfast, because it seems to carry me through the day without feeling weak or worn out. I also eat lots of fruit and veggies. For protein, I am big on fish, chicken and beans.

How do you make working out not feel like a chore?

TMM: Low-intensity workouts can be just as beneficial as an intense one. Keep them enjoyable and mix in outside activities, like hiking and biking. It helps to include good company or a good playlist.

LC: I honestly enjoy working out. I make it a priority and one of the first activities of my day.

How do you rest and repair during the season?

TMM: Rest during the season? Does that exist? (Laughs.) Lots of foam rolling and flexibility. There are days when that’s all I do. I try to get two massages a month. Most important, my husband and I take a short vacation to Mexico midseason. No email, no cell phone, no running – just rest and relaxation to recharge.

LC: I take off one day a week to rest. During season, I swim more to rest my legs.

How do you keep your regimen when working?

TMM: I schedule [workouts] into my calendar and invite a friend. Meeting requests are a wonderful thing. The players also motivate me. I remind myself that they work hard to prepare for games, that it’s my job to keep up with them to be in good positions for a call.

LC: It is physically demanding to drive several hours, get out of a car, run around a field, jump back in the car and drive several hours home. I try to stop to stretch and walk around the car so that my back and legs don’t get tight. I do stretches in the locker room to loosen my muscles before and after games, especially for my back.

What’s hard about aging as athletes stay the same age?

TMM: Their fitness. I still attempt to play with them in the offseason. It keeps me connected. I appreciate how hard they work.

LC: Interval training is one of the best workouts to improve speed. During the fall, I help coach a high school cross country program. This enables me to run 200s, 400s and 800s to improve my speed. Also with age comes experience. An experienced official compensates for the loss of speed with greater awareness of play around her.

What would surprise people about you?

TMM: I hate to run! People always ask me why I have never done a marathon or even a half-marathon. My response: “I hate running.” I’ll play eight lacrosse games in two days, but run a marathon? No thank you!

LC: I went skydiving for the first time Mother’s Day. What a thrill!