Over the last several years, US Lacrosse has developed the framework for long-term athlete development to help bring out the full potential in every player.  This framework is designed to keep more players engaged in the sport longer and allows pathways for those players who choose to compete at higher levels, the opportunities to do so as they reach physical maturity. 

Getting from Point A to Point Z is less about following a specific plan than it is about embracing the core values of athlete development. Here are the six core values: 

Fun & Player-Centered: Fun is the #1 reason players participate in sports. Keep the experience about the players and don’t be afraid to have some fun. 

Inclusive & Age-Appropriate: The right lacrosse at the right time. It’s about development and a welcoming environment for all. 

Multi-Sport Participation: Many sports and physical activities make great lacrosse players. Incorporate and encourage rest as well as other athletic activities. 

Physical Literacy: Knowing how to move and having the ability to do what you want with your body are the building blocks of athleticism. 

Small-Sided and Free Play: More playing, more creativity, more learning. Let players discover and learn through playing and competing. 

Trained Coaches: Having trained coaches yields better experiences for players. Keep learning and getting better at what you do. 

Programs that fully incorporate these core values in their approach will see greater results, both for the individuals they serve and for the collective group. To learn more about how this framework can support you and your program(s), please visit https://www.uslacrosse.org/athlete-development

Lacrosse Athlete Development Model

Providing every athlete the opportunity to enter, enjoy and excel by learning and playing lacrosse in a way that’s best for each stage of growth and development.

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