It is impossible to officiate a perfect game due to human error. Officials may be lampooned by the fans and rated average by the coaches, and yet still receive a good evaluation by their observer. This is because how the officials performed, is always distorted by the perspective of the viewer.

The other reason is that each game is completely different, and it is not possible to predict what will happen. As the saying goes; “that’s why we play the game.”

But what would happen if a crew worked a game to perfection?

It is a curious question. Officials all know that working a perfect game cannot be done; but imagine that for one game, the impossible is possible. That the next game you work, your crew is perfect. The coaches and players know it, and even the fans admit they witnessed absolute perfection in each member of the officiating crew.

The follow up question to this hypothetical situation is simply, “so what?” It is a harsh question that puts the achievement of a perfect game into context when you consider the numbers.

US Lacrosse has approximately 450,000 members. 300,000 of which are players. Assuming 20 players per team, we get 15,000 teams. If every team played on a single day; 7,500 games would be played.

Your crew was the only one to work a perfect game, and the 7,499 other games had some degree of error. As a result, your perfect game impacted 0.000133% of the players nationwide. Even worse, no one will remember your crew’s performance in the next game!

While perfection is not achievable, what if every official in those 7,500 games dedicated themselves to working the game to their utmost ability? What if every official hustled to where they needed to go, every official gave clear and deliberate signals, and every official kept themselves focused?

That would impact 300,000 players for the better far more than one game officiated perfectly.

Imagine yourself on the field for your first scrimmage this spring. You will not be perfect, but you can be better than you were last season. How can you be better? How can you give your best to the game?

To assist you in your growth as a professional official, US Lacrosse offers several resources, videos, and clinics designed to help you become the best official that you can be.

In every game, there is an opportunity for your professional development.

In every game, you can aspire to give your very best to the teams.

If you maintain that aspiration, you can have the perfect game.


Gordon Corsetti serves as manager of the men’s officials’ development program at US Lacrosse.