In just over two weeks, some of lacrosse’s greatest minds will gather in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2018 US Lacrosse West Regional Conference. The conference is a professional development opportunity for coaches, officials, program administrators and other leaders in our community to gather together to expand their knowledge of the sport of lacrosse.

This year, there will be three different program tracks offered- one for officials, one for coaches and one for program and league leaders. Sessions topics will include team and athlete development, rules interpretation, game management, organizational leadership and so much more.

If you have yet to register for the conference, you should absolutely do so by clicking here. And if you are wondering, “But how will I get there?”, we have a couple of suggestions…

If you plan on taking a plane to Las Vegas from the Southwest, the average cost of a 5-hour flight would be $362. However, if you plan on driving, it will only take you 19 hours and cost $134.

From the Pacific Southwest, you’re looking at a one-and-a-half hour flight that will run you $218. Or you could hop on the train- the same hour-and-a-half trip for only $58! However, if you really want an adventure, you could always hop on a cruise ship from Hawaii!

If you’re a Midwesterner, the 18 hour car ride would only cost you $126 in gas and snacks. But could we suggest a Greyhound Bus for $375? After all, you could at least get some shut eye on a bus.

Although it might take one from the Pacific Northwest 13 hours to drive to Vegas, it would only cost you $82. Compared to the $282 plane ride, that’s a steal.

And for those of you who want the cheapest way to meet us in Vegas, the walk is always free. If you plan on walking from the East Coast, we hope you left already because it will take you 33 days!







5 Hours | $362

19 Hours | $134

24 Hours | $347


Pacific Southwest

1.5 Hours | $218

5 Hours | $46

8 Hours | $124

1.5 Hours | $58

Pacific Northwest

2.5 Hours | $282

13 Hours | $82

20 Hours | $274



2.5 Hours | $405

18.5 Hours | $126

22 Hours | $375


US Lacrosse HQ

7 Hours | $301

36 Hours | $269