In recent weeks, we have seen overwhelming support to make much-needed strides towards improving racial equality in our country. Voices that have been silent for far too long have finally been heard. US Lacrosse is committed to do its part to enact change.

We issued a statement on June 1 vowing our support to the members of the lacrosse community that have most felt this pain, but our commitment goes much deeper and has been a priority for years. Over the last six years, US Lacrosse has invested more than $1.5 million in diversity and inclusion efforts for the sport.

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives include grant programs geared towards underrepresented communities, financial support of the Urban Lacrosse Alliance, sponsorship of the Sankofa Clinic series, hundreds of scholarships specifically for minority coaches for continuing education through US Lacrosse educational opportunities (Coach Development Program, LaxCon, ULA Conference) and the development of an online cultural competency course that has been embraced by leagues from the youth level to the professional ranks to help educate players, coaches, official and league leaders.

Another way we have offered support is by providing the platform for members of the lacrosse community to share their stories so there is a better understanding of the issues. Never has that been more important than in the current environment. We’ve been honored that so many people have been willing to open up with us.

Here are some of those stories.

May 29
Jules Heningburg Pens Powerful Piece on Racial Identity
In light of the death of George Floyd, PLL star Jules Heningburg shared his family's story.

June 1
Lacrosse Community Speaks Out Against Racial Injustice
Men and women from across the sport spoke about standing against racial injustice.

June 3
Trevor Baptiste: What Does Black Mean to You?
In his own words, lacrosse star Trevor Baptiste detailed a situation in which he was mistreated by a police officer at 17.

June 4
Why They Spoke Up
We spoke with a few players — Ashler Nolting, Kris Alleyne and Brent Adams — who chose to make their voices heard. Here’s why they chose to speak up.

June 5
Scott Ratliff: Get Uncomfortable, That’s How You Grow
In this honest Q&A, PLL player Scott Ratliff spoke about how white people can help combat racial injustice.

June 5
ESPN’s Anish Shroff: Hear Me Out
Lacrosse has fought a losing battle with racial matters and diversity for some time, writes ESPN announcer Anish Shroff.

June 8
Kayla Treanor: We Need More Women of Color Playing Lacrosse
Team USA and WPLL star and Boston College assistant coach KaylaTreanor spoke about her passion for social justice and why education is the key to change.

June 9
Kyle Hartzell and Pat Young Talk Racism in Lacrosse and How to Help
Pat Young and Kyle Hartzell are Atlas LC teammates. They spoke to us about how to be more inclusive.

June 9
Coach Nat St. Laurent Joins “Overtime” Podcast
Nat St. Laurent almost quit lacrosse because of racism. Now, he's the head coach of Redwood LC in the Premier Lacrosse League. He joined Paul Carcaterra on the "Overtime" podcast with US Lacrosse Magazine.

June 10
CityLax Webinar Brings Prominent Black Voices Together to Discuss Race
Over 300 attendees joined a CityLax webinar “Breaking Down Walls, One Ground Ball at a Time.” Among the speakers were Penn women’s lacrosse player Britt Brown and Harvard men’s lacrosse player Nigel Andrews.

June 10
Kyle, Dr. Miles Harrison Discuss Paving the Way for Growth Within Lacrosse
One of the most notable father-son combos in lacrosse history spoke about racial injustice.

June 12
The Vault: Austin Sims, Gold Rush
World champion Austin Sims reflects on representing the U.S. on the world stage and why he turned #BlackOutTuesday into #BlackTuesday to continue the conversation.

June 15
US Lacrosse's Eboni Preston Laurent "Advocate for US"
Eboni Preston Laurent, US Lacrosse senior manager for diversity and inclusion, is hopeful for the future.

June 16
Why College Lacrosse Player Mynk Richardson-Clerk Kneeled
Mynk Richardson-Clerk began kneeling during the national anthem at her team's games in 2018. She shares why.

June 16
Conversations of Race in College Sports: The Responsibility of a Coach
Cincinnati head women's lacrosse coach Gina (Oliver) Thomas wants to use her platform for good after the death of George Floyd.

June 19
A Candid Reflection on Race with Virginia Coach Lars Tiffany
NCAA championship coach Lars Tiffany reflects on his background and his thoughts related to race.

June 25
A Call to Action for the Lacrosse Community: Create Opportunities
Lauren Davenport, US Lacrosse manager of athlete development, calls for more opportunities within our sport.

June 29
Romar Dennis: Change Starts at the Grassroots
PLL player discusses his encounters with racism on and off the field, where he sees the greatest areas for growth in the sport and what it means to him to be an Afro-Latino lacrosse player. 

July 1
From the CEO: The Time for Moral Courage
US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen on the organization's mission to lead and encourage ongoing dialogue to build greater awareness and understanding of racism in an effort to eliminate it from our sport. 

July 2
From the Editor: Looking Within for Unconscious Bias
US Lacrosse Magazine editor Matt DaSilva examines his own thoughts on race.

July 6
What We Can Do to Move Our Sport Forward
Matt Hamilton shares feedback from people in the lacrosse community on what we can do to move our sport forward.