US Lacrosse has launched a brand new version of the Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching Lacrosse online curriculum that is a part of its Coach Development Program. The “Developing the Individual Athlete” module has been completely rebuilt and went live last week.

The interactive Level 1 online course features all-new videos, has improved functionality and has been tightened to allow participants to get through the course in roughly an hour while remaining impactful.

“It is truly aligned with our Level 1 instructional course,” said Kevin Greene, senior manager of the Coach Development Program. “When we turned the switch on the on-field portion (to align with the LADM), we hadn’t updated the online course. Now, what you see on-field and what you see online are complementary.

“You’ll see the four stages of the athlete development model. You’ll see little kids and then you’ll see the technically proficient kids. It also has the theory portion at the very beginning, which is all of the concepts that we talk about in the Level 1 course. We’ve brought them into the online course so that people can do a little bit more of a deep dive.”

The online course is available free to all US Lacrosse members at

The online course is a key component to being recognized as a certified coach by US Lacrosse. Certification requirements include the online course, an in-person instructional course, passing a NCSI background check, completing a Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach 1 workshop (online or in-person), completing the “How to Make Proper Contact” online course (for boys’ coaches only) and maintaining an active US Lacrosse membership.

Nearly 5,000 coaches are now certified by US Lacrosse at the Level 1, 2 or 3 levels. Click here for more information on the US Lacrosse coach certification program.

Coach Development Resources

US Lacrosse has a multitude of online resources geared towards courses, including our revamped online Level 1 course.

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