US Lacrosse Adds Cherry Bomb Events as Tournament Sanctioning Pilot

May 01, 2017

SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse today added lacrosse tournaments owned and operated by Cherry Bomb, LLC, to its tournament sanctioning program.

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Speaking From The Heart

Apr 07, 2017

Dr. Jeff Mandak, a board certified cardiologist, has served as a US Lacrosse volunteer for over 15 years and spearheaded efforts to expand the availability of AEDs throughout the lacrosse community to offset the risk of sudden cardiac death.

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Ask Alaxa

Apr 06, 2017

You’ve got questions. Alaxa has your answers. Welcome to the first edition of #AskAlaxa, where she’ll address your questions about rules, player segmentation, safety — anything related to lacrosse.

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Three Drills to Better Your Players Stick Skills

Apr 04, 2017

As a player, I was always taught that superior stick skills win games. It’s hard to beat a team that can consistently catch and throw under pressure. As a coach, I try and pass on that knowledge to my players. When coaching young girls who are still developing skills, you want to emphasize the basics. Here are three drills that I use to better my team’s stick skills:

#1: Stickwork Inside the Center Circle

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US Lacrosse Adds STEPS Lacrosse Events as Sanctioning Pilots

Mar 24, 2017

SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse today added four lacrosse tournaments owned and operated by STEPS Lacrosse to the pilot phase of its sanctioned tournament status.

The US Lacrosse tournament sanctioning program represents an initiative to raise the quality of the youth tournament experience and publicize events that meet operational criteria developed by US Lacrosse and industry experts.

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US Lacrosse Adds Bitter Lacrosse as Tournament Sanctioning Partner

Mar 10, 2017

Six tournaments receive US Lacrosse designation.

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Can Do Attitude Starts with Eliminating "Can't"

Mar 09, 2017

Over the past 12 months or so, our athlete development team has had an opportunity to present to somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 people from all walks of the lacrosse community about our efforts with the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. One common theme pops up from time to time in these presentations. “I like what you guys are saying, it all makes sense, I want to do this but I can’t because...”  Have you found yourself saying the same thing?

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US Lacrosse - NXT Partnership Bigger Than One Event

Feb 28, 2017

A partnership between US Lacrosse and NXTsports hopes to use the US Lacrosse Nationals event as a catalyst to help make the game safer and fairer.

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US Lacrosse Adds Top of the Bay Tournaments as Sanctioning Pilots

Feb 16, 2017

US Lacrosse has added two events owned and operated by Top of the Bay Sports to its tournament sanctioning program.

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US Lacrosse Sanctions Ultimate Events and Sports Management

Feb 08, 2017

US Lacrosse today sanctioned seven lacrosse tournaments run by Ultimate Events and Sports Management Company, Inc., as meeting best practices across five areas of event operations.

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