LaxCon 2021: By the Numbers

Jan 07, 2021

We’re just over a week away from the 2021 US Lacrosse Convention — an all-virtual event that takes place Jan. 15-16. The new format will be a different experience for this annual staple, but we’re excited to bring the lacrosse community together in a different way to get ready for the season.

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New Research Provides Data on Women’s Headgear Use

Jan 07, 2021

Findings from a new research study measuring the effects of headgear in high school girls lacrosse indicate that headgear is associated with a reduction in the magnitude of overall impacts but not a change in the rate of impacts, how they occur, or how penalties were administered for impacts sustained during competition.

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Six Simple Reasons Why Athletes Fail to Meet Their Goals

Jan 04, 2021

Without a plan for getting to the finish line, a young athlete is dreaming, not goal-setting. Keep these six barriers to success in mind as you help your young athletes set and work towards their goals.

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Giving Back: How Teams Can Meaningfully and Safely Give Back

Dec 08, 2020

While it’s not ideal that sports have been interrupted by COVID-19, athletes can still give back to their communities in meaningful ways while practicing social distancing and other safety precautions.

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Fan Fest is Coming to US Lacrosse Convention

Dec 03, 2020

One of the most popular features of the annual US Lacrosse Convention is Fan Fest and it’s back for the virtual 2021 LaxCon. The all-online event takes place from Jan. 15-16 and is just $10 for US Lacrosse members that sign up by Jan. 3.

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US Lacrosse Statement on Box Lacrosse Events

Dec 02, 2020

In light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as US Lacrosse’s growing commitment to box lacrosse, the national governing body offers several recommendations in support of risk mitigation.

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Medwin, Wolford Are 2020 Breschi Scholarship Winners

Dec 01, 2020

US Lacrosse announces Courtney Medwin of Coral Springs, Florida and Jacqueline Wolford of Columbus, Ohio as the recipients of 2020 Michael Breschi Scholarships.

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How and Why to Teach Mindfulness to Young Athletes

Nov 30, 2020

There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth helping your athletes learn how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into their regular routine, from lowered stress levels to improved concentration. It’s easy to get started with breathing exercises, apps, and quick sessions. 

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Healthy Snacking Habits at Home

Nov 24, 2020

With kids at home more than ever, it might be getting harder to both set boundaries around snacking and keep everyone satisfied. Keep these tips in mind for healthy, satisfying snacking at home..

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Takeaways From the US Lacrosse "Athlete Mindset Series"

Nov 18, 2020

Here are the top takeaways from the US Lacrosse Athlete Mindset Series, an eight-part series featuring Dr. Arman Taghizadeh "Dr. T" and guests from the lacrosse world on a variety of topics.

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