US Lacrosse Coach Development Clinics are hosted jointly by USL member organizations and US Lacrosse. All coach development clinic requests are reviewed through US Lacrosse’s grant process.

USL member organizations have an opportunity to request coach development clinics with each grant cycle. Due to the timing of the grant cycle and lead time needed to make the training day successful, each clinic must be planned for well in advance. While specific site information does not need to be available at the time of submitting the grant, those requesting a clinic must have a solid idea as to the specific clinic date and location at the time of submitting the grant. 

When submitting the request for a coach development grant, please consider the following:

  • Number of anticipated coaches in attendance (minimum = 15 coaches between both games for Level 1, 10 per game for Level 2 and 3, maximum depends on the site parameters)
  • Timing of the start of the season (will your coaches be identified, have current US Lacrosse coach memberships, and be able to register at least two weeks prior to the training date?)
  • Are you able to meet the other requirements as listed on the grant eligibility page?

As clinics are approved, USL member organizations and local clinic hosts will be notified. The general hosting process is as follows:

  • USL member organizations submits a proposal to host a coach development clinic through US Lacrosse’s grant process.
  • USL member organization locates a site that meet US Lacrosse’s site requirements. Facility should be reserved upon notification of the grant acceptance by the USL member organization.
  • If your proposal is accepted, US Lacrosse will send the onsite host a link to build event registration.
  • USL member organizations reserves site and local host completes site information form.
  • US Lacrosse reviews site information, creates registration link, and sends to USL member organization for review
  • Clinic marketing begins (US Lacrosse will schedule and send up to 3 e-blasts per clinic, local marketing should be done via social media channels and personal outreach)
  • USL member organization will be sent a link to review registration data as it becomes available
  • US Lacrosse will assign trainers
  • US Lacrosse will connect trainers to local host (approximately 2 weeks prior to the event)
  • Local host and trainers plan the training day
  • Clinic is held
  • Local host reports back to US Lacrosse who attended
  • US Lacrosse gives credit to coaches who attended and sends a thank you notice

For more details on hosting, please connect with your US Lacrosse Regional Manager.

To apply for a clinic grant, please click here