The goal of Lacrosse Communities Project (LCP) is to make the most racially, ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods in cities across the country focal points for growing lacrosse. They become the place where “the rock hits the pond,” from which the sport ripples out as newly-trained players and families work with coaches and officials to share their love of the game.

Pilot Locations

LCP is underway with pilot programs in Albany, N.Y., Brooklyn, N.Y., and Cleveland, Ohio. A significant number of their residents face challenges to their health as a result of inactivity and a lack of access to healthy food sources. Fortunately, each also has strong local organizations committed to improving the lives of their communities’ residents. They provide the local partners who make LCP possible.

LCP - Albany

In partnership with City Lax, NYS-Albany, this collaborative effort unites the leadership of key lacrosse and community development programs to responsibly introduce and grow the sport of lacrosse within the city of Albany.  The Albany Lacrosse Club, Inc., Albany Police Athletic League, City School District of Albany, City of Albany Department of Recreation, Youth and Workforce Services, Youth L.I.F.E Support Network and Beverwyck Renegades Lacrosse Club untied to focus efforts on the healthy personal, scholastic and athletic development of young lacrosse players and their families.


LCP - Cleveland

Through institutional partnerships with Ohio City Inc. and its Near West Recreation program, the North Coast Ohio Chapter of US Lacrosse, the Urban Community School, with support from St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland State University and the City of Cleveland Municipal School District, the Lacrosse Communities Project-Cleveland will provide the framework necessary to create self-sustaining, multi-generational youth lacrosse programs.

Cleveland Brochure Cleveland Photos


LCP - Brooklyn

Working with CityLax, Inc., the Long Island Metro Chapter of US Lacrosse, John Dewey High School, New York Public Schools, Brooklyn Crescents Lacrosse and the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club, US Lacrosse is providing support and guidance to develop a vibrant lacrosse playing community in and around the historic and diverse Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn and in select schools that have a relationship with Gravesend’s main public high school, John Dewey.

Brooklyn Brochure

Your support is critical to the success of Lacrosse Communities Project. You may designate your gift to one of the three pilot programs or to the program as a whole. To learn more, contact Jamie Hunt via email or phone 410-235-6882 x174. To make a gift today, please click on the link below: