US Lacrosse is committed to encouraging and empowering the development of lacrosse participation in underrepresented communities. Broad representation and participation add significant value to the lacrosse experience, and US Lacrosse seeks to provide sustained leadership and resources to focus on the growth of our sport.

Created in 2014, the Diversity and Inclusion National Grant Program provides funding to qualified organizations that initiate and/or continue programs or projects that promote lacrosse participation and education.

Grant Opportunities

US Lacrosse hopes to utilize these grant awards to further the impact of lacrosse excellence and ensure greater diversity for the sport across the country.

Application Information

  1. US Lacrosse utilizes an online application for these grants. All applicants are notified of their status upon review.
  2. If you have questions, you may contact us by email at
  3. The application cycle is now closed. Those who applied before the deadline will be notified by February 28. The next application cycle will begin in August.
  4. Programs that are members of the Urban Lacrosse Alliance or have received a National Diversity Grant within the last two calendar years are not be eligible for a new grant unless awards remain available.




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