The Urban Lacrosse Alliance (ULA) is designed to enable qualified affiliates the ability to address needs unique to their lacrosse programming through education and resources. Through these alliances, US Lacrosse hopes to support self-sustaining youth lacrosse programs in underrepresented communities that operate by USL national standards and best practices.

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Goals for the Urban Lacrosse Alliance

  • Provide resources to support lacrosse introduction/development in underserved areas.
  • Develop cost effective solutions for entry into the game 
  • Establish relationships with programs and organizations that are committed to increasing opportunities for urban youth.
  • Develop a collaborative cross-system effort with other leaders who can identify high-potential individuals both at the youth and adult level.
  • Connect underrepresented youth with US Lacrosse and the benefits of USL membership.

ULA FAQs ULA Members List



Online Application

  • US Lacrosse utilizes an online application for ULA grants.
  • All organizations seeking support, regardless of the amount or type requested, are asked to follow the same application process.
  • All applicants will be notified of their status.

Benefits Options

Program Administrators may select one item from the equipment package offerings and one item from the stipend package offerings.

Equipment Package
(select one item from this list)
- Up to 30 men’s or women’s lacrosse sticks
- Team uniforms for up to 25 players
- One case of NOCSAE white or yellow lacrosse balls, heavy-duty lacrosse bag and two lacrosse goal nets
- Up to 25 team helmets or goggles.

Stipend Package
(select one item from this list)
- Subsidized cost of officials fees or transportation costs (up to $1,500)
- US Lacrosse Convention registration, coaches education certification scholarships and travel stipend for up to two coaches (limit $350 per coach)
- Subsidized league or tournament registration fees (up to $1,500)
- Subsidized field rental costs (up to $1,500)
- Free US Lacrosse memberships for up to 30 participants and two coaches

Video Resources

US Lacrosse has produced a series of short videos that are designed to assist program leaders in various aspects of administering a ULA program.

Other video options include:



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