In order to provide the best experience possible, these US Lacrosse Standards represent the best practices that should be utilized by overnight camps. When adopted in their entirety, these standards will help ensure the safest and most positive player experience for all participating in the sanctioned camp.

1. Safety

  • Venue must offer regulation-size playing fields in accordance with age and gender appropriate rules to ensure safety and standardization of the sport
     - There must be allocations for safety including:
       ∘ Minimum distance between fields and the use of cautionary signage or safety barriers 
  • Insurance is needed by the event owner and all participants, officials, vendors and exhibitors: achieved through membership requirement
  • Must meet medical standards:
     - Emergency Medical and Safety Plan
     - Use of certified athletic trainers
       ∘ Access to certified athletic trainers needs to be a "24/7" approach – medical coverage at all hours of the event
              including overnight in case of emergency
     - Clear documentation of all injuries and treatment
     - On-site AED unit(s)
     - Communication with dining hall staff regarding player food allergies
     - "Roll Call" prior to each session
     - Nightly bed checks to ensure players sleep in assigned room
  • Inclement weather and evacuation plan must be on-file with a set communication plan
  • Schedule
     - Field Hours
     - Water Breaks
  • Camp Rules
     - Standard document sent to parents in advance of the camp and explained during All-camp Meeting.
     - Policies outlining the following infractions and corresponding repercussions (expulsion):
       ∘ Theft
       ∘ Bullying
       ∘ Drugs / Alcohol

2. Curriculum

  • Camps should plan to use core values of the US Lacrosse ADM Model
     - Core Values of the LADM
       ∘ Designed for Development
       ∘ Multi-sport Participation
       ∘ Small-Sided and Free Play
       ∘ Physical Literacy
       ∘ Trained Coaches
       ∘ Fun and Kid Centered

3. Organization 

  • All Players must have a valid US Lacrosse Membership at the time of the event
       ∘ US Lacrosse Member Ping should be added to current registration. If the Member Ping is not an option, then
              the camp operator can use the Member-verification tool on the US Lacrosse website.
  • Clear refund or cancellation policy
  • Mandatory on-site check-in process
       ∘ Including medication distribution policy and review of allergies with head athletic trainer
  • Clear and available communication of Curriculum, Session schedules, Camp Staff, etc. 
  • Compliance – must operate in line with the appropriate state-specific rules and regulations 
  • Customer Service – must have point of contact on-site and at a centrally located office in case of emergency 

4. Staff Onboarding Procedures 

  • All Camp Directors must be members of US Lacrosse for the event. All Camp Directors must be at least Level 1 CEP Certified 
  • Other On-boarding measures required for Camp Directors and Independently Contracted Staff Members:
       ∘ Background checks 
       ∘ Curriculum Training Verification 
       ∘ Standardized Uniform 
  • Other On-boarding measures recommended for Camp Directors and Independently Contracted Staff Members 
       ∘ Concussion Training 
       ∘ Sexual Harassment Awareness 
  • Must verify necessary licensing and waivers for any vehicle drivers 

5. Player Experience

  • Camp should provide players with the opportunity to learn, compete, and have fun through: 
       ∘ Training variety: Position-based drills, team drills, scrimmages, skill competitions 
       ∘ Camp Store: “cashless” system 
       ∘ Personal Evaluation: distributed either at the end of the camp or via email