About Pearl Lacrosse

Lacrosse balls are not all the same anymore. Pearl Lacrosse originally changed the lacrosse ball industry by developing the first ever greaseless lacrosse ball, The Pearl.  Since then, Pearl Lacrosse has continued to innovate by adding 2 new balls since partnering with US Lacrosse is 2017.

  1. Pearl X - Originally known as “The Pearl”; Grease-free Guarantee; Made in USA
  2. Pearl NX - No Bounce version of Pearl  X; Perfect for practicing on hard surfaces
  3. Pearl LT - 1st ever SEI certified textured lacrosse ball to meet NOCSAE standards

It’s time to stop settling for balls that overpromise and underperform! Invest in any Pearl lacrosse balls. Invest in your game.

  • The Official Ball of US Lacrosse & Team USA
  • Never greases and Never hardens
  • Consistent play
  • Pearl X and NX made in the USA
  • SEI Certified to meet NOCSAE/NFHS/NCAA Standards (Excluding Pearl NX). Approved for practice and games at all levels.

The Partnership

Since establishing our partnership in 2017, Pearl Lacrosse has worked tirelessly to streamline the development and manufacturing process in order to offer the best lacrosse balls at a competitive price, lowering the price per ball by over 40%!

USL Members get an additional 10% discount on all colors & quantities with promo code: USLPEARL. If ordering multiple buckets, call 770-667-6004 for special bulk pricing.

Pearl Lacrosse uses its parent company’s (Guardian) 20-year history of innovation in chemical and materials engineering aligns with US Lacrosse’s commitment to improving player safety. Both US Lacrosse and Pearl Lacrosse will work together to inform the lacrosse community about the new softer, safer NOCSAE lacrosse ball specifications.

Pearl Lacrosse has been used at all US Lacrosse events since 2017. The partnership runs through 2020, and Guardian contributes a portion of proceeds from each ball sold back to US Lacrosse for specific investment in the organization’s player-safety research initiatives.

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NOCSAE Ball Specs

The Pearl is the first lacrosse ball manufactured in the United States. The re-engineered lacrosse ball meets NOCSAE specs and is SEI certified. The Pearl also meets the new softer, safer lacrosse ball standard approved by NOCSAE that took effect beginning in July 2017. Current NOCSAE standards allow a range of pressure from 110 to 210 pounds, which could reduce the diameter of a ball by 25 percent. The new standard limits that range to between 115 to 150 pounds in order to help improve safety.