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US Lacrosse Regional Managers Map
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Our regional managers are here to help you at any point during your relationship with US Lacrosse. If you've expressed interest in one of our grants, please advise the regional manager in your area.

1. Identify Your League, Organization and/or Team

Reach out to your local US lacrosse representative to make sure that we have your organization established correctly in our database.

Contact Your Regional Manager

2. Set Up Registration for Your Participants

You may want to choose from one of the companies below to help work on a public-facing website that can handle your registration, validate US Lacrosse memberships, manage game and practice scheduling, facilitate parent communications and more.

Or you can use the US Lacrosse provided tools

3. Verify Memberships

Validate Roster

4. Request Certificate of Insurance

Available only after you've verified that your coaches and players are current members of US Lacrosse through the last day of your playing season, your organization or team is insured through RPS Bollinger (separate log-in). Insurance questions may be directed to RPS Bollinger at 1-800-446-5311, ext. 5.

RPS Bollinger

Need Help?

In addition to your regional manager, the US Lacrosse headquarters call center is available to assist you.

Contact us at 410-235-6882, ext. #102, or via email. Hours (ET):

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sat.-Sun.: Closed

Resources for Start-Ups

New-Start Manual (PDF)
Read through a guide to building best-practice lacrosse in your area

Equipment Grant
Our First Stick Grant has helped hundreds of teams get off the ground

Local Marketing
Create custom signs, flyers and more with direct-marketing partner Prism Digital (separate log-in)