Proper preparation using sport-specific training techniques, combined with knowledge of the rules, are essential to improving performance and preventing injury in lacrosse.

Generally, lacrosse is considered to be a moderate risk sport in which the vast majority of injuries are minor strains, sprains, and bruises. However, more significant injuries can occur.

Overtraining and specialization are serious issues in youth sports today, and athletes who overtrain can suffer serious injuries. It is important that coaches remember that young athletes are still growing. Care must be taken to appropriately train players of varying skill levels, using sport-specific and training techniques based on modern research.

The Right Lacrosse at the Right Time

Coaches should also encourage players to take some time off from lacrosse, especially if they've been playing in multiple leagues or consecutive seasons. This can prevent burnout and overuse injuries, which is extremely important at the youth level. The American Academy of Pediatrics' Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness recommends that children and adolescents play on only one team per season and take a vacation of 2-3 months from a specific sport (not all sports necessarily) each year.


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STOP Sports Injuries is an online resource committed to keeping kids in the game for life by preventing athletic overuse and trauma injuries.