NCSA: How to Keep Your Recruiting Journey on Track

May 18, 2020

COVID-19 may have put a temporary stop to all lacrosse events and in-person recruiting, but it hasn’t stopped student-athletes from wanting to compete at the college level and college lacrosse coaches from needing to fill open roster spots. NCSA offers advice on how to keep your recruiting journey on track.

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From NCSA: Academic Eligibility Requirements for Student-Athletes

Oct 25, 2019

Playing lacrosse at the collegiate level is about more than being a good player. NCSA, the "Responsible Recruiting Partner of US Lacrosse" provides of an overview of the academic requirements of playing lacrosse in college.

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From NCSA: How Do Colleges Recruit Athletes

Aug 06, 2019

For many families, the most difficult part of the recruiting process is understanding how colleges recruit, evaluate, and show interest in student-athletes. To better explain the college recruiting process, it's helpful to look at it from a coach's perspective.

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