Cree, Logan Named US Lacrosse Tewaaraton Native American Scholarship Recipients

May 28, 2020

Cobie Cree and Yanenowi Logan were elected by the Tewaaraton Foundation as the 2020 recipients of the Tewaaraton Native American Scholarships, presented by US Lacrosse.

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US Lacrosse Grants Reach All 50 States in 2019-20

May 04, 2020

US Lacrosse today announced that it awarded 869 grants totaling $2.38 million to support efforts to grow the game at the community level during the 2019-20 grant cycle that ended in mid-March.

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Bermudez Leading the Growth of Puerto Rico Lacrosse

Apr 29, 2020

Based on her connection to the game in both the United States and Puerto Rico, Bermudez is optimistic about the expanding presence of diversity as part of the future of lacrosse. 

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Bringing the Creator's Game to All Participants

Apr 22, 2020

Andrew Lee, chair of the US Lacrosse Native American Advisory Council, is committed to bringing the game to as many people as possible.

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Gabby Kiewe Helping Blind Lacrosse Players with Loud Lax

Apr 17, 2020

High school junior Gabby Kiewe has developed ball and goal sensors to help the visually impaired experience lacrosse.

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Leaving a Lacrosse Legacy

Apr 13, 2020

Originally from Colombia, Oscar Cifuentes came to the United States at age seven. He was introduced to lacrosse as a student in high school, where Donna Rose served as his guidance counselor. Her impact lasted far beyond high school.

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The Rewards of Adaptive Lacrosse

Apr 08, 2020

Utilizing a network of volunteers, including local high school players, Parkville Adaptive Lacrosse facilitates lacrosse opportunities for developmentally challenged participants. Program founder Marty Delaney takes pride in the active engagement of his hometown community.

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US Lacrosse to Feature Prominent Voices for Celebrate Diversity Month

Apr 06, 2020

This month, as part of Celebrate Diversity Month, we are taking the time to profile some of the most influential faces in the growing diversity of our game. Through sharing US Lacrosse Magazine stories, and our four-part Instagram Live interviews hosted by Kyle Harrison, we want to shed a light on those making a difference in our game.

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Spreading the Game and New Opportunities

Apr 02, 2020

Rick Burton is a clinician for the US Lacrosse Sankofa Clinic Series and also serves as a varsity boys’ coach at Edgewood (Md.) High School. His passion for lacrosse has motivated him to launch Route 40 Lacrosse, a program aimed at bringing the game to young people from all backgrounds. 

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Welcoming All Walks: Why Jacksonville Fields its Diverse D-I Roster

Mar 31, 2020

Jacksonville the only Division I men's team in Florida, but they also stand out with one of the most diverse collections of players competing at the top level of a predominantly white sport. Jacksonville’s 45-man roster includes eight people of color.

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