Box Lacrosse is played inside the confines of a multi-sport rink. Each team has six total players on the floor to start a game with five runners and one goaltender. Players rotate on and off the floor in shifts to play offense by trying to put the ball in their opponents' goal and play defense by preventing their opponents from scoring on their goal.

Box Lacrosse at US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse is a member of World Lacrosse. We are the sport's national governing body for all disciplines of the game here in the United States. We work with local organizations up to the US Olympic Committee to fuel and advance the sport's growth. As US Lacrosse has grown as an organization, so has the popularity and participation in box lacrosse. We are committed to ensuring people have the opportunity to enjoy the game for many years to come.

Past and Present Support

  • 2015 World Indoor Championship (Onondaga Reservation, Iroquois Confederacy)
  • 2017 US Lacrosse Established Box/Indoor Rules and Adds Box Lacrosse to Member Insurance Coverage
  • 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships (Langley, CA)
  • 2020 US Lacrosse Partners with the NLL
  • 2020 US Lacrosse Box Equipment Grant Opportunities 

Coming Soon

  • US Lacrosse Sanctioning Program for Box Lacrosse Events
  • Coach and Official Educational Courses
  • Continued Investment in the Growth of Box Lacrosse
  • Coaches, Player, and Officials Resources

Lacrosse Athlete Development Model

The lacrosse athlete development model (LADM) is a framework using the six core values which bring out the full athletic potential in every player. When these values are embraced, players learn the sport better, love it more, and play it longer. The LADM keeps more players engaged in the sport longer and allows the best player to emerge as they reach physical maturity.

Anyone with a body

Every Player

Anyone playing a sport


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Program & Coaching Tools

US Lacrosse continues to invest in the growth of Box Lacrosse, and we are committed to developing and growing the game here in the United States. Our resources will be aligned with the Athlete Development Model to help programs and coaches do the right thing for their athletes' practice, games, and season structure. Access our current resources or check back in the future for box specific skill progression guides, drills, practice plans, and other tools.

Sample Practice Plan (8U) Sample Practice Plan (12U) Sample Practice Plan (16U)



Think Inside the Box

Learn more about how box lacrosse skills and strategy are an integral part of player development. Think Inside the Box is an interview series developed by the National Lacrosse League (NLL) and designed as a resource for players and coaches.

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