Investing in Lacrosse's Future

Jul 07, 2020

The unprecedented financial challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted US Lacrosse greatly, but strong membership and donations from the lacrosse community can allow the organization to restore the bevy of services and resources it traditionally offers.

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Webinar Wrapup: Risk Considerations When Return to Lacrosse Games

Jul 06, 2020

Last Thursday, US Lacrosse hosted its third webinar in a series of offerings aimed at helping the lacrosse community navigate the steps of returning to the field amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar was specifically focused on “Risk Considerations When Returning to Lacrosse Games and Practices.”

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6 Things to Know About Electrolytes for Youth Athletes

Jul 02, 2020

Hydrating properly, which often means deciding what athletes should drink, is critical to their performance and wellbeing during sport. These tips will help you decide when and what athletes should be consuming to stay hydrated.

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US Lacrosse Releases Final Stage of Return to Play Recommendations

Jul 01, 2020

US Lacrosse has released information for the final stage of its Return to Play recommendations—multi-day, multi-team tournaments with teams from varying geographic regions.

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Technology Upgrades Coming to US Lacrosse

Jun 29, 2020

We are hard at work making technology upgrades to enhance the online experience for our members. In order to facilitate these improvements, there will be limited access to our online platforms beginning Sunday, June 28.

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Shaun Gillispie, Natalie Palmeri are US Lacrosse Impact Athletes

Jun 27, 2020

Each week, US Lacrosse is proud to highlight our Impact Athletes: boys’ and girls’ high school lacrosse players who are supporting their communities with special efforts. This week's honorees are Shaun Gillispie (Parkton, Md.) and Natalie Palmeri (Garden City, N.Y.)

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Build Your Own Game of Pickup Lacrosse

Jun 25, 2020

The Pickup Lacrosse game-builder guide is meant to be a resource to inspire families and spark imaginative ways to play lacrosse safely during a time when COVID-19 has disrupted much formal lacrosse participation, though we hope that informal pickup lacrosse with family and friends continues long after traditional participation resumes.

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A Call to Action for the Lacrosse Community: Create Opportunities

Jun 25, 2020

Lauren Davenport, manager of athlete development at US Lacrosse, shares her experiences with race and tangible steps the lacrosse community can take to create more opportunities for people of color in the sport.

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Comparison v. Competition: How to Develop Positive Body Image on Teams

Jun 24, 2020

No matter how much you talk about the importance of pulling together as a team, your athletes are going to naturally compete with each other, as well as with rival teams. As a coach, you may not notice the subtle ways your team is creating an unhealthy environment when it comes to body image, eating patterns, and other habits.

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Webinar Wrapup: Prepping Athletes for a Return to Play

Jun 22, 2020

It's a marathon, not a sprint. Medical experts give guidance on prepping athletes to avoid injuries as they return to the lacrosse field after a long layoff due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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