What is Sanctioning

Vast differences in the quantity and quality of tournaments has created uncertainty in the marketplace. In order to help address the need for standardization, US Lacrosse Sanctioning Program provides an operational framework to create a more consistent experience.

US Lacrosse Sanctioning is a designation given to events that have adopted a set of operational and safety standards set forward by US Lacrosse. These tournament standards are a set of best practices that cover five main areas of an event: game format, venue, risk management, event administration, and certified officials. When these best practices are adopted in their entirety, events create a more positive experience for participants while receiving insurance and marketing benefits from US Lacrosse.

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Benefiting Participants

Have you ever been to a tournament and been left guessing: what rules are we playing? Where are the trainers? Why is no one at the information tent? What happens if my child gets hurt at the event? Lacrosse tournaments all operate differently.

A Sanctioned Tournament has met a set of operational and safety standards to guarantee a consistent playing environment. Coaches, parents, players and all other event attendees will know what to expect from each event:

  • US Lacrosse rules will be used
  • At least 2 Certified Officials at each game
  • Age and game appropriate field sizes
  • Information tent with staff
  • Schedules readily available
  • Certified Athletic Trainers on-site
  • All participants are US Lacrosse members
  • Event insurance through US Lacrosse

Event Operators

US Lacrosse Sanctioning demonstrates an event's commitment to following rules set forward by the governing body and creating a more safe and consistent environment for participants. In exchange for serving as brand ambassadors to US Lacrosse, event operators benefit from insurance coverage, marketing opportunities, access to resources and more.

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US Lacrosse Membership

In order to compete in US Lacrosse Sanctioned Tournaments, all players, head coaches, and event operators must hold a US Lacrosse membership valid through the entirety of the event. Membership is required to ensure all participants posses appropriate insurance coverage and are aware of the rules set forward by the sport's national governing body.

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