Flex6 Lacrosse is a fun, fast-paced, non-contact version of the game of lacrosse that can be played by any mix of players up to six per team. 

About Flex6 Lacrosse

Flex6 Lacrosse is a version of our sport played by an official set of approved guidelines from US Lacrosse. Flex6 Lacrosse is designed to meet the unique needs of communities across the country who want to provide accessible lacrosse play programs for people of any age and skill level. 

Flex6 Lacrosse Overview

Flex6 Lacrosse guidelines are standardized for safety, however most aspects of play are completely flexible and adaptable in the following areas: 

Smaller field (cross-field set-up, can also be played on courts or in gyms)
Up to 6 v 6 (ideal) but as few as 3 v 3 can play, or anything in between

Can be mixed or single gender 

Can be officiated formally or self-officiated

A variety of sticks is allowable—men’s, women’s, fiddle, or PE/soft-stick (with PE ball/soft-stick ball)
Played with a pinkie or tennis ball, or a PE/Soft-Stick ball if using a PE/soft-stick
No other player protective equipment needed
Flexible options for goals and scoring

No stick to stick, body to body, or body to stick contact
Governed by 10 simple “Laws” of the game, violations of laws result in a change of possession

Get Started with Flex6 Lacrosse

Interested in creating lacrosse play and programming opportunities using the Flex6 Lacrosse guidelines? Contact your local Regional Manager to discuss options, learn more, and to obtain a complimentary full copy of the official Flex6 Lacrosse Guidelines for Play.

Get Started

Flex Lacrosse, while not taking the place of traditional lacrosse played under official US Lacrosse Youth Rules, NFHS rules, or NCAA rules, can be a great alternative for players to engage with the sport and enjoy the benefits of participation in an adjustable program environment and still benefit from US Lacrosse’s member benefits and protection.

Flex6 Lacrosse is designed for community or school-based lacrosse programs who want to offer an affordable, inclusive and fun version of lacrosse programming that requires minimal equipment, smaller field requirements, and fewer players than the traditional game. Flex6 Lacrosse suggests that there is at a minimum one responsible adult (preferably a coach member of US Lacrosse) present during program play to ensure the safety of the players.

Flex6 Lacrosse guidelines are designed for US Lacrosse members and member programs that operate under the best practices for safety and risk management as required by US Lacrosse. Supervised play within the guidelines of Flex6 Lacrosse is included in the liability coverage of the US Lacrosse membership program. US Lacrosse members can play safe and fair knowing the full benefits of membership are included in Flex6 Lacrosse programming.


Flex6 Lacrosse is inspired by the lacrosse athlete development model and its six core values, with a particular focus on the values of small-sided play, fun and kid-centered, and age appropriate/inclusive. To learn more about lacrosse athlete development, visit www.uslacrossse.org/ladm