Post-Collegiate Club Lacrosse

The most active level of lacrosse after college is through post-collegiate club lacrosse. The club lacrosse scene varies by region, but many areas have leagues for men and women. There are also numerous tournaments around the country for post-collegiate teams that include options for players of various age and skill levels. Click below for more information on post-collegiate club opportunities.

Professional Lacrosse League

There are five professional lacrosse leagues operating in North America. Major League Lacrosse is an outdoor league that began regular season play in 2001. There are currently six teams in the league. The National Lacrosse League is an indoor league that traces its roots to 1987. There are currently eleven franchises in the NLL.

U.S. National Teams

The nation's best players choose to try out for the U.S. men's and women's national teams. International championships are conducted every four years by the Federation of International Lacrosse.


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