The Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse serves as a national hub for the study and improvement of safety and performance in lacrosse. Created in 2016, the Center is devoted to research, education, collaboration, policy development, and best practices guidelines that benefit the safety and wellness of lacrosse players, with a particular focus on youth players.

The Center for Sport Science seeks to expand and elevate the safety initiatives that US Lacrosse has been committed to since its creation in 1998, with nearly $1 million in health and safety related research funding since that time to improve the well-being of lacrosse participants at all levels of play. 

Note: While we remain firmly committed to supporting safety research, unfortunately, due to the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, US Lacrosse is not accepting research grant applications and proposals in 2021. 

Members of US Lacrosse’s Sports Science and Safety Committee.

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US Lacrosse Position Statements and Best Practices

Research Studies and Resources on Lacrosse Injuries

New Research Provides Data on Women's Headgear Use
Findings point to a reduction in the magnitude of impacts; no change in the rate of impacts

In Progress: Researching the Impact of Women's Headgear
Two-year study is tracking high school injuries in Florida vs. non-Florida

Study: NCAA Men's Injury Rates Declining
Researchers tracked injuries by collegiate varsity men’s lacrosse players from 2009-2015.

NFHS Injury Surveillance Study (RIO)
Data and analysis of high school injuries for all sports.

NCAA Injury Surveillance Program (ISP)
Current and reliable data on injury trends in intercollegiate athletics.

Epidemiology of Concussions Among U.S. High School Athletes in 20 Sports
A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research
Collects death and permanent disability sports injury data that involve brain and/or spinal cord injuries.


Drug and Alcohol Education & Resources

CDC: Prescription Drug Awareness
Resources and information about the public health crisis of opioid use and abuse.

NCAA: Substance Abuse
Understanding and supporting student-athlete mental wellness.

Research Partners